Sniper Rifle Update
27 Dec 2010 | by Bladesinger
Hello everyone! This time, our update will focus on one of the new weapons that will make an appearance in the mod: the Overwatch Sniper Rifle!

Combine Destiny 2

While still a work in progress, the weapon is in a fairly solid visual state.
The design is essentially a stripped down and more lightweight version of the mounted sniper rifle seen in Episode Two. Because of this, it can more easily be carried by specialized marksmen either operating alone, or as members of a squad.
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August update
03 Aug 2010 | by Bladesinger
Hello everyone. For this update, we will be focusing on two nearly finished features that will be appearing in Combine Destiny 2: night vision, and deployable, player-controlled manhacks.

The night vision, a feature part of the Overwatch Soldier's standard helmet, allows for visibility in poorly illuminated or completely dark areas. It has been completely rebuilt since the last time we showed it, now being powered by custom shaders.

The second feature is deployable manhacks. These manhacks follow you as you move, and help in attacking and distracting enemies.

We've also made two quick videos for you to see these new features for yourselves! Go ahead and take a look.

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April update
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It has been almost 2 years since our last major update, time flies fast, eh?
Anyway, here we are once again with some additional media and information. Quite a few things have changed since the last update, a few members have left and others have joined. We still don't have a release date though.

So, what's the current status of the mod?

The architecture is almost complete on all maps and details and props are currently being added. The scripts and gameplay is also underway. Most of the dialogue has been recorded and some of it has already been added to the mod. The HUD is fairly close to completion, it's just missing a few icons.

Oh, and you won't have to wait almost 2 years for the next update.

And now onto the screenies:

Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2

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Combine Destiny 2 featured on Podcast 17
02 Dec 2008 | by Bladesinger
As some of you may know already, Bladesinger from our team has been interviewed for Podcast 17 about Combine Destiny 2. You can listen to it at

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June update
18 Jun 2008 | by Bladesinger
Hello! We promised ourselves not to take a whole year before we release something new again, so here we are with another five screenshots. Hope you like them!

Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2Combine Destiny 2

We haven't directly said much on these updates, but now we think it might be a good time to bring those who don't read our
forum archives up to speed. Our small team has been slaving away to get the mod done in it's various details. Chapter 3 maps shouldn't take long before they're ready to be taken to beta testing. Chapter 1 is also looking good in that respect, but needs still a bit more work. Chapter 2 is under progress.

Those interested in our mod probably also have noticed the new HUD we have designed and implemented which was first shown in the last media release. Notice that at this point it isn't completely finished. Among the things we are further looking to implement into it are friend-or-foe indicators along with mission objective information.

One of the new weapons we have implemented for the mod is now unveiled. The Combine Sniper Rifle. Those who have played Episode 2 will notice that our Sniper rifle isn't the same as featured in it (and therefore in previous Half-Life 2 games). Our Sniper rifle is portable, but still packs a serious punch! By the way,

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we are looking for another modeller and/or animator to help us finish it and the other two new weapons we are going to have in time before the release, and previous work is required
(very important people!).

But on that note we'll have to close up this update. Who knows, maybe there will be more before the mod is released?

For more information, visit our website at If you have any questions or suggestions visit our forum, we are happy to answer.

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